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NatureDoc’s Winter Health Tips

At this time of year, I'm often asked the best way to keep kids strong and healthy through the winter months. As with most matters of health, there is no one quick fix but there are lots of simple winter health tips and small changes that we can make to help ourselves...

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Are You Experiencing “Adrenal Fatigue”?

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and you are becoming increasingly tired, then you may not be producing enough of an important hormone called cortisol. When your adrenal glands do not produce enough cortisol then you also may experience poor sleep, brain fog, a...

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How Diet Can Optimise Thyroid Health

Your thyroid health is the central hub of your metabolism and if this starts to misfire then you may start to slow right down and eventually it may become clinically under-active. Diet and stress management are two ways that you can help to support your thyroid...

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