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7 Natural Ways To Nip Hay Fever In The Bud

The sniffly season is upon us! Even during March, pollen counts are high and itchy eyes, sneezing and stuffy noses are becoming quite a problem for many. If hay fever or seasonal allergies are problematic for you or your loved ones, then here are my handy tips to help you nip your allergies in the bud. I hope these really help you so that you can get out and about more in the summer without needing to take a box of tissues!

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Nourishment To Calm Your Anxious Child – Part Two

Here is the second part to my blog which looks at how you can nourish your child back into a calm state. In the first part of this post you learned some important nutritional nuggets to help your child to cope with the ongoing pressures of life. In this second part I am going to dig deeper into some of the more significant metabolic issues that children can experience, and which may contribute to a state of anxiety and overwhelm.

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How To Feed Your Child’s Gut Microbiome

Did you know that we are all super-organisms? We share our bodies with several hundred microbial species and you and your family each have about 100 trillion bacteria currently lurking in your gut, on your tongue and on your skin. This is called your gut microbiome....

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The Optimal Time To Take Food Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are the spark plugs of the nutritional world and are vital for ensuring optimal health. If a family member has been off their food, or their health has been under par, then they may require extra nutrients in food supplement form to give them a boost. Every day our clients ask us “Is there an optimal time to take food supplements?” and so we have put together some of the key rules to help you too.

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NatureDoc’s Winter Health Tips

At this time of year, I'm often asked the best way to keep kids strong and healthy through the winter months. As with most matters of health, there is no one quick fix but there are lots of simple winter health tips and small changes that we can make to help ourselves...

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