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NatureDoc Brain Food Talk @ Storystock

I am thrilled to be holding a Brain Food Talk at StoryStock Circus of Stories on Thursday 29th October at 6.45pm at The Bush Theatre. This is part of the ‘Ask the Expert’ parenting events being held in the evenings after the Circus of Stories events. Come to discover nutrition tips, which food helps children’s behaviour, mood or school performance, and learn simple ways to introduce better brain foods.

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10 Cunning Ways To Hide Kids’ Daily Vitamins

If you have seen great benefits from taking daily supplements and super foods, you may be keen to give your children the same boost. You may get frustrated that these are often not as child-friendly as you would like, and getting your children on-board to take their vitamins may prove to be an uphill struggle. Here are some cunning ideas to help them whizz down their daily goodness.

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Ten Tips To Help A Skinny Kid Eat More

Skinny kids are just as much a worry to parents as the overweight ones. Amazingly, in a world of obesity I have more small and underweight children coming to my clinic than overweight kids! Here are some great tips to help them eat more.

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How To Spot And Heal A Child’s Leaky Gut

The first thing I hear from many parents is something like: “Does little Johnny have a leaky gut? Can I test for it, and if he does have a leaky gut what can I do about it?” Here’s how to test and fix this very common problem that is the root cause of many other conditions.

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5 Ways Kids Might Not Be Getting Enough Brain Food

You may be feeding your kids a great diet, but some children need more vitamins, minerals and goodness than others. That usually happens because they use it all up faster than others, or they don’t absorb it very well in the first place. Discover 5 body signs that may show that their brains are crying out for a nutrition upgrade.

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