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My new book – The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff shares over 100 family recipes and ideas for healthy and nourishing food that are yummy and easy to prepare. In my experience as a mum of three and a naturopath, finding healthy food that children will actually eat can be a huge challenge. Making it easy is even harder!

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Top 6 Tips For Getting Kids To Sleep At Night

If you struggle to get your kids to sleep at night, then be reassured you’re not alone! Sleep trouble isn’t just a problem among adults, kids often have trouble switching off too, and they usually keep their parents up with them! So, we’ve pulled together our top tips for a restful night for the whole family.

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Is iron deficiency holding your kids back? Here’s how to avoid anaemia in children

We all want our kids to grow up to be strong and resilient. But too often, something like iron deficiency can hold them back. Iron deficiency is very common in children and can affect their health and well-being. Initially, it can just cause general tiredness and struggling to keep on task. But left untreated, anaemia can affect a child’s development, including key milestones such as walking and talking.

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Going Plastic Free in 2018 – The NatureDoc Guide

2018 is rapidly emerging as the year when we wage a war upon plastic. We have long been advocates of reducing our exposure to plastic, both in terms of reducing our toxic load and being kinder to the environment. We’ve pulled together our top tips for plastic free living.

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