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5 Back to School Happy and Healthy Resolutions

After a long summer holiday, it’s Back to School time. Time to get things ready: name tapes, freshly filled pencil cases and maybe even a new school. But it is just as important to think about giving your kids a healthy and nutritious start to the school year. To...

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Top 10 Dairy-Free Foods To Boost Up Calcium

Following a dairy-free diet can seem daunting at first but it needn’t be, as your kids can still enjoy great tastes and textures even with a milk protein allergy or dairy intolerance. Luckily Mother Nature provides lots of dairy-free foods naturally rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K which your kids will love and thrive on.

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My new book – The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff shares over 100 family recipes and ideas for healthy and nourishing food that are yummy and easy to prepare. In my experience as a mum of three and a naturopath, finding healthy food that children will actually eat can be a huge challenge. Making it easy is even harder!

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