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Healthy Christmas Goodies

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the lull before the New Year celebrations. Here are just a few healthy Christmas goodies we adore or have been life-savers! I bet you also received a few special and healthy goodies at Christmas. So why not share what things you have used, given or been given this Christmas in the comments below?

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Are Birch Sap And Maple Water Or Fiji Water Healthy Or Faddy?

Did you know that certain tree saps are incredibly nutrient dense and some mineral waters are more mineral rich than others? There has recently been chatter among the clean living community about how amazing birch sap and maple water are for you. These “tree juices” are claimed to have health benefits ranging from improved hydration, to better cholesterol control. They are said to help boost the immune system and may enhance detoxification. Should be consuming these more regularly, or are they simply over-priced bottled waters?

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NatureDoc is Tabitha’s Guest Food Blogger

The lovely Tabitha of Tabitha's Gluten Free Dishes Recipe Blog has very kindly asked me to be her guest food blogger this week. In my interview with her I share my health story and why I am so passionate about healthy living and learning from mother nature. I also...

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Thinking Autism Roadshow with NatureDoc

The Thinking Autism Roadshow is being held Friday 27th November in central London. Thinking Autism have asked me to talk on Easy Nutritional Strategies for Autism at this roadshow. I will joined by Stella Chadwick of Brainstorm Health who will be talking about some of...

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NatureDoc Brain Food Talk @ Storystock

I am thrilled to be holding a Brain Food Talk at StoryStock Circus of Stories on Thursday 29th October at 6.45pm at The Bush Theatre. This is part of the ‘Ask the Expert’ parenting events being held in the evenings after the Circus of Stories events. Come to discover nutrition tips, which food helps children’s behaviour, mood or school performance, and learn simple ways to introduce better brain foods.

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10 Cunning Ways To Hide Kids’ Daily Vitamins

If you have seen great benefits from taking daily supplements and super foods, you may be keen to give your children the same boost. You may get frustrated that these are often not as child-friendly as you would like, and getting your children on-board to take their vitamins may prove to be an uphill struggle. Here are some cunning ideas to help them whizz down their daily goodness.

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