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Young Minds Matter. Are Poor Sleep & Diet Linked To Kids’ Mental Health Issues?

With mental health problems in British children rocketing, many people think that the wrong nutrition and poor sleep are contributing to the problem. In my practice, when I ask children how they are feeling, they often say they are exhausted and very run down, as well as being low, angry or agitated, and this is where a healthy diet and proper sleep is fundamental. Thanks to the collaboration between The Duchess of Cambridge and Huffington Post UK and their Young Minds Matter campaign, we can talk about these issues more; and understanding the problem is the first step to fixing it.

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Stay Positive In The Fourth Trimester By Eating Well

One of the most wonderful times in your life is when you become a new mother. And the fourth trimester is a time when you should be enjoying your cosy bundle of joy. But very often the experience is much darker because acting like a 24-hour life support machine can easily make your mood plummet. So the start to motherhood is often a huge struggle.

Not only do you pass nutrition to your newborn through breastfeeding, but your own state also affects your baby, whether you are breastfeeding or not. As a new mum, you may be tempted to pay more attention to your baby’s wellbeing than your own, but the two are fundamentally connected. Eating good nutritious food is good for you and good for your baby.

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Six Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy And Healthy During The Winter Months

Have you had a child off school with an illness already this term? Are you kids more cranky than normal? The winter can be tough for even the most robust kids. Dark mornings, cold and wet days with no chance to play in the garden after school can run most children down. Here are some great tips to keep your kids happy and healthy during the dark and gloomy winter months until the spring kicks in.

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Healthy Christmas Goodies

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the lull before the New Year celebrations. Here are just a few healthy Christmas goodies we adore or have been life-savers! I bet you also received a few special and healthy goodies at Christmas. So why not share what things you have used, given or been given this Christmas in the comments below?

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Are Birch Sap And Maple Water Or Fiji Water Healthy Or Faddy?

Did you know that certain tree saps are incredibly nutrient dense and some mineral waters are more mineral rich than others? There has recently been chatter among the clean living community about how amazing birch sap and maple water are for you. These “tree juices” are claimed to have health benefits ranging from improved hydration, to better cholesterol control. They are said to help boost the immune system and may enhance detoxification. Should be consuming these more regularly, or are they simply over-priced bottled waters?

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NatureDoc is Tabitha’s Guest Food Blogger

The lovely Tabitha of Tabitha's Gluten Free Dishes Recipe Blog has very kindly asked me to be her guest food blogger this week. In my interview with her I share my health story and why I am so passionate about healthy living and learning from mother nature. I also...

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