I Can't Believe It's Baby Food!

I can’t believe my second book is coming out on 20th May. As you can see I have got my hands on an early copy, and it’s come out really well.

I’ll be posting here on news and events for the book, so come back and see! In the meantime, do preorder it at Amazon. They won’t charge you until it ships, and if they reduce the price further in the meantime, you’ll pay that.

One other small request. Please review it on Amazon as soon as you can. Thank you so much!

Lucinda x

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Based on millennia of healthy weaning practices, these are recipes to set your children and their microbiomes up for life!

Dr Clare Bailey

I wish I had had this book when I was bringing up my three. Lucinda’s recipes are not only quick for a tired mum, but more importantly DELICIOUS for the children!

Thomasina Miers

Aimed at maximising development whilst ensuring that eating becomes a social event devoid of stress, Lucinda’s latest book guides parents down an exciting path of healthy eating for children, with a sprinkle of fun added!

Dr Tim Ubhi, The Children’s e-Hospital

Lucinda has totally changed my family’s health for the better. This cookbook is full of amazingly delicious and healthy recipes you can all enjoy.

Leonora Bamford, My Baba