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A Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lucinda takes a scientific and holistic approach to identifying health problems, using laboratory testing and gentle, natural interventions to provide solutions..

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With DNA, blood, stool and urine analysis, naturopathic treatment is based on analysis, not guesswork.

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A few kind words from some of our lovely naturopathic clients

“I can not recommend Lucinda more highly. She has been instrumental in totally transforming my own health and wellbeing. When my youngest daughter started to have some tummy problems I took her straight to see Lucinda who, through clinical assessment and relevant testing identified the root cause. This is something the wider medical profession were unable to achieve. Without the in-depth answers to both mine and my daughter’s health issues, we would be living very different lives and possibly with diseases we’ve been able to curtail. We can not thank Lucinda enough. I would urge anyone with any health concerns to visit Lucinda. It could and probably will change your life.”


We had so many lovely clients writing in with their testimonials, we can’t put them all on the front page.

“Lucinda is an outstanding naturopath. Highly professional and with a warm and genuine approach she has been vital in our son’s health and return to being a highly sociable and happy boy. We started seeing Lucinda when our son’s gut healing programme plateaued on a grain-free diet. With her extensive knowledge combined with in-depth assessment and testing she has helped him make significant gains in the last 12 months using diet and nutritional supplementation. He is calmer and more focused at home and school. He has friends and has started playing cricket, which he loves. More recently he has discovered a love of reading as his comprehension has come along in leaps and bounds. We can’t recommend Lucinda highly enough for all she has done for our son and our family.”


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